Una bellissima idea

[ What makes us proud makes more sense when we can share it. ]

To serve people is a profession. I feel that dealing with people is like touching a piece of soft cloth: everybody should be treated well; but not in the same way because everybody is different.

Francesco has the vocation of welcoming in its own house whoever wishes to visit and entertaining them with its dishes. Passion, creativity, sensitivity and love inspire each of the dishes, which is expressed in their flavors, aromas and freshness.

Francesco used to be our home. One day when I was sad, Teresa came over and trying to cheer me up, she said: “Beatrice stavo pensando…hagamos un ristorante en nuestra casa. Hermoso, con jardín, bello, bellíssimo…, verdrai, verás, todo esto ha sido positivíssimo”. “Let`s welcome people, our clients, so that they spend a good time….that they feel themselves at home, in our home.” While she heartily related her idea, I was lying on my bed, still, afraid of accepting the challenge. Everybody knows that changes take place, that they are not always easy and that at the beginning we feel paralyzed when facing that possibility...

Her words were the stimulus that caught my attention and cleared my sadness… I suddenly found myself thinking in her project. The images crossed my mind as if they were images from a Fellini movie. I would have to postpone a successful profession and move on, change the direction, since my destiny was Italy… I was impressed by her gestures; I was breathing her courage. Her determination was the final push so that I could make up my mind. The risk of a new company was combined with the nice feeling of being able to stay in my country, near my loved ones. How could I not accompany her?!!! In that way, by shaking off our wounds and getting rid of the ghosts of fear, we started to work.

Nowadays, Francesco is another house offered by the Barberas in Mendoza, hoping that those who visit us can feel the flavors and affection of our home. Retold by Beatriz Barbera, July 2006.

Beatriz Barbera, July 2006.

María Teresa Corradini de Barbera

l'anima di Francesco

María Teresa captures more than 60 years of Italian cuisine in Mendoza. She began together with my “Nonna Fernanda”, an immigrant, a “tana”, who in 1948 arrived to Mendoza with her children and courage on her shoulders. Their strong determination to get ahead made them the first to offer Italian food in Mendoza.

Francesco is Family Barbera´s exclusive restaurant where María Teresa expresses all her culinary creativity and experience. Therefore, with the aromas of these ingredients and the flavor of gratitude to this country, the most delicious dish in life was born: Sharing with friends at home.

Like a wine is able to spread the trace of those that accompanied it from the vine to the bottle, food is like a union and outcome of a long process in which tenths of persons contribute with their work.

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